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My name is Tamara McDaniel I’m a professional makeup artist from the Miami area. I started this page because I have often been asked questions about my hair. Black women (relaxed, natural, or transitioning) love to talk hair. This is a new era in Black hair. For the first time individuals and corporations are focusing on what's best for Black hair and not just what makes it straightest. As I've said a million times…This is not an ANTI chemical page. We are not anti-relaxer or anti-dye. My mission is to let all Black women (no matter what percentage of Black they are) know that their hair IS an option. ..Their REAL hair. Let’s dispel the myths. YOUR HAIR DOES GROW. Maybe you are the type that has to be natural, maybe you can’t color, maybe you have to use a relaxer only once every six months, or maybe you can do texturizers. If you learn what’s best for your hair your hair you can have the hair length you desire. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! One thing this is group is against is people trying to sell their hair potions promising to “make your hair grow”. It’s silly! Science has that covered and NOTHING but pregnancy can make your hair grow more. Hair grows about 6 inches a year. What helps? Reduce breakage. PERIOD! ~Tamara McDaniel Black Women With Real Hair

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This is my heatless blowout, sponge curlers with moisturizer and ECO Styler. It’s soooo fun! :-D
Heatless Blowout->http://realblackhair.tumblr.com/post/32675514013/heatless-blowout

1. Do the Heatless blowout.

2. Smooth a very small amount of your favorite gel with your favorite moisturizer.

3.  Curl hair tightly on sponger curls over night. (Using nine large curlers on each side of the head) 

~Tamara McDaniel
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